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The US has been privately dissuading Russia from using nuclear weapons for months

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The government of USA has spent months communicating directly and privately with Moscow to alert the Vladimir Putin regime to the “serious consequences” that he would have use of nuclear weapons in Ukraineas published this Friday by The Washington Post.

The newspaper, which quoted unnamed government sources, assures that the consequences of which the US has warned Russia in case it uses nuclear weapons are “deliberately diffuse” precisely to raise concerns in the Kremlin about the hypothetical US response.

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On Wednesday, Putin raised “weapons of the future” to warn NATO that Russia has an “unparalleled” nuclear arsenal that enables it to counter any Western threat.

“I want to remind you that our country also has different offensive systems and, in some components, they are more modern than those possessed by NATO countries“, Putin assured in the televised speech in which he announced the partial mobilization in Ukraine.

The Russian president, who presented to the world four years ago a new hypersonic weapon capable of circumventing the US anti-missile shield and reaching any point on the globe, added that Moscow will not hesitate to use all means at its disposal to defend its country and its people.

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“This is not a bluff”, stressed Putin, who at the beginning of the “special military operation in Ukraine” already put his nuclear deterrent forces on alert. The Kremlin has always defended nuclear parity with the US through its triad -atomic submarines, intercontinental missiles and strategic aviation-, but in recent years it boasts of having a “super weapons” without analogs in the world.

Source: Lasexta

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