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Putin punishes and sends to war the Russians arrested for protesting the invasion of Ukraine

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Go fight the war. That will be the punishment for the more than 1,400 detained Russian citizens who they protested peacefully after Putin’s announcement to bring 300,000 reservists to the front.

When all eligible male detainees arrived at the police station they were given a draft certificate informing them that they should go to war in Ukraine as punishment for protesting against her.

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“According to the Military Compliance Obligation Law of the Russian Federation, We suggest you go to the military barracks for the exercises that will be carried out for recruitment”says that document.

The mobilization decreed by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, is already in full swing in Russia, where many reservists have already been notified of their duty to join the ranks of the Army to fight in Ukraine, while others try to evade the summons by trying to leave the country.

The official citations began to be delivered in different parts of the country already on Wednesday, the day Putin announced the measure, which will affect some 300,000 reservists, and in the face of social reaction, the Kremlin had to deny the alleged intention to call up a million people.

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In principle, Putin assured that only those people who have completed compulsory military service will be called to participate in the partial mobilization, they have combat experience or some specialty that the Armed Forces need.

But there are doubts about this assertion, since cases have begun to be made public that suggest that other men who are not reservists have been summoned to appear.

A journalist from Ulan-Ude has published a video in which she denounces that her husband, 38 years old and with five children, was summoned for the night despite not being in the reserve and despite the federal law that prohibits the mobilization of reservists with three children and more.

The next day he was on his way on a train to Chita on his way to the training phase that reservists must undergo before being transferred to the front, according to Putin’s decree.

Source: Lasexta

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