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IAEA board urges Russia to cease military actions in central Zaporizhzhia

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The Board of Governors of the IAEA, the UN nuclear agency, adopted today in Vienna a resolution criticizing the Russian military occupation of the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhia and urges Russia to stop all military actions there.

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The text, approved with a large majority of the 35 members of the Board, ensures that the military occupation of Russia “significantly increases the risk of a nuclear accident.”

Only Russia and China voted against the resolution, while 26 countries voted in favor, with seven abstaining, including India, Pakistan and Egypt.

All European Union (EU) countries on the Board, plus the United States, Canada, Argentina and Brazil, among other Western nations, voted in favor of the resolution.

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This is the second critical resolution with Russia adopted by the Board of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) since the start of the war in Ukraine last February.

With the increased risk of a nuclear accident “endangers the populations of Ukraine, its neighboring countries and the international community”, states the resolution.

The text expresses “serious concern that Russia has not complied with the Board’s call to immediately cease all actions against and in the nuclear facilities in Ukraine.”

Also, “deplores the continued violent actions against nuclear facilities in Ukraine, including the forcible control of nuclear facilities”, referring to the plant of Zaporizhzhia.

This plant, the largest in Europe, has been the target of numerous bombings in recent weeks.

Russia Y Ukraine they accuse each other of being responsible for those attacks, which came near the plant’s six reactors and other sensitive facilities.

The IAEA has had two inspectors stationed at the plant since the beginning of September Zaporizhzhialocated in the zone occupied by Russia in the southeast of Ukraine.

The plant’s six reactors, all connected to power lines, are currently cold-shutdown, reducing the likelihood of an accident.

The director general of the IAEA, Rafael Grossi, has been asking for weeks that a protection and security zone be established around the plant to avoid an atomic accident.

Last Monday, Grossi said that there are signs that the two warring parties are “interested” in establishing a protection zone, which would require a regional ceasefire.

Source: Gestion

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