Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced this Friday that he is leaving his seat as Conservative MP in the House of Commons with immediate effect. In a statement sent to the media, the former head of the British Government has stated that the parliamentary committee investigating whether he lied about the Downing Street parties during the pandemic has “made it clear” in a letter that was preparing to expel him from the Chamber.

“It is very sad to leave Parliament – at least for now – but above all I am shocked and horrified that I could be expelled, undemocratically, by a committee chaired and led by (Labour) Harriet Harman, with such an egregious bias “, he pointed out.

Johnson, who left Downing Street last September haunted by various scandals, has undergone a process in recent months led by the Commons Privileges Committee to determine whether he knowingly lied about illegal parties during the pandemic, for which he He was already fined by the police.

The deputies of that body can recommend that Johnson be suspended from the Lower House if they find him guilty. “I have received a letter from the Committee on Privileges that makes it clear, to my astonishment, that they are determined to use this procedure against me to expel me from Parliament,” detailed the former prime minister, who held a parliamentary seat since 2001.

“I did not lie’

When the ‘Partygate’ scandal came to light, At the end of 2021, Johnson assured in the Commons that he was never aware of the social restrictions imposed during the pandemic in Downing Street being broken. When defending himself before the Committee on Privileges, last March, he has affirmed that “those statements were made in good faith and on the basis of what he honestly knew and believed at that time”, an argument that he has reiterated this Friday.

“I didn’t lie, and I think the committee, deep down, knows that.. But he has deliberately chosen to ignore the truth, because from the beginning his purpose has not been to discover the truth, nor to genuinely understand what was on my mind when I spoke in the Commons,” he said in his statement.

“I am being expelled from Parliament by a small handful of people who have no evidence to back up their claims, without the consent of even Conservative Party members let alone the general electorate.”