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The UK will host the first global summit on artificial intelligence

The UK will host the first global summit on artificial intelligence

The United Kingdom will host the first global summit on artificial intelligence (AI) this year, seeking a common approach to limit the potential risks of the technology without losing its benefits, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced Wednesday.

Time and time again throughout history we have invented new paradigm-shifting technologies and harnessed them for the good of humanity. That’s what we must do again”, he stated in Washington, where he will meet with US President Joe Biden at the White House on Thursday.

AI has incredible potential to transform our lives for the better. But we must ensure that it is developed and used safely”, stated the 43-year-old conservative leader.

The summit will be held next autumn and will bring together “countries with a similar approach” to lay the foundations for a regulation, explained a spokesman for the British leader.

It is not about preventing authoritarian countries like China or Russia from exploiting artificial intelligence, he clarified.

The United Kingdom wants to host the headquarters of an eventual global regulator of artificial intelligence, but it is not clear that there is a consensus with the United States and the European Union, who have already discussed the advisability of creating a code of conduct.

Rishi Sunak does not lose hope.

He United Kingdom is well positioned to play a leadership role. Outside of the United States, we are probably the leading nation in artificial intelligence among democratic countries. We have the ability to achieve adequate regulation to protect our citizens”, declared Sunak to TalkTV.

The British prime minister, 43, assured that Biden80, is aware of the danger and advantages of this technology.

Yes, we talked about artificial intelligence when we were together in Japan (for the G7 summit) and I know that he is fully aware of the risks and opportunities involved.”, he told the British channel TalkTV.

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