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OpenAI CEO hopeful for efforts to contain risks posed by AI

OpenAI CEO hopeful for efforts to contain risks posed by AI

The CEO of OpenAI declared himself pleased on Monday by the willingness expressed by various governments to contain the risks posed by the artificial intelligencethe technology that companies like yours are developing.

CEO Sam Altman visited Tel Aviv as part of a world tour that has taken him to various European capitals. The tour is to promote his company, the inventor of ChatGPT, which has caused a stir around the world.

I am very hopeful as I have traveled the world, meeting world leaders“, said Altmann on a visit with Israeli President Isaac Herzog, whose position is largely ceremonial. He added that he has seen “the consideration” and the “urgency” of world leaders to find ways to “mitigate these enormous risks”.

The world tour comes after several experts and scientists, including executives from Microsoft and Googlewarned about the dangers that artificial intelligence poses for humanity. Altman was also one of the signers of that statement.

Fears have grown that security systems artificial intelligence surpass humans if a new generation of chatbots is spawned. Countries around the world are scrambling to develop rules for this fledgling technology.

The European Union has been a pioneer with an Act for the Artificial intelligence which could be approved this year.

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