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What awaits Boris Johnson now?

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Boris JohnsonAs he enters his final days as British Prime Minister, he has little to worry about in terms of his future. As a political celebrity, an excellent speaker and an often fierce and funny writer, his income seems guaranteed when he leaves Downing Street.

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At the moment, at 58, he will continue to be a deputy.

But the man who sometimes found his prime minister’s salary (164,000 pounds a year, equivalent to $192,000) insufficient for his lifestyle, may now become a billionaire by writing his memoirs and joining the international speaking circuit, as other former international leaders have done before him.

With their memoirs they could earn millions.

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And he could charge about US $ 100,000 per speech in the United States, explains to AFP Mark Cowne, director of the Kruger Cowne agency, which represents “talents” as diverse as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Virgin’s Richard Branson, singer Cher, and musician and activist Bob Geldof.

By comparison, his annual salary as an MP after Downing Street (£84,000 or $98,000) seems small.

In the UK, however, it will be “hard to sell”, considers Cowne, noting the mixed feelings about Johnson, which is inconvenient for the business world that often finances such well-paid speeches.

On the international circuit, it has been “prime minister at the same time as Trump”, summarizes. Forks “a celebrity”. But here too you are likely to have “ups and downs” because of the strong reactions it provokes, says Cowne.

Former Prime Minister Theresa May “has not performed particularly well” in the United States, he points out, unlike Tony Blair, who is well known across the Atlantic for his relations with Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Less charismatic than Johnson, May has nevertheless been paid between £38,000 and £80,000 per speech since leaving Downing Street in 2019, according to the MPs’ register of financial interests.

He keeps $85,000 a year and the rest goes to charity.

Before coming to power, Johnson was already charging an average of between 25,000 and 40,000 pounds for a two-hour speech.

The Daily Telegraph paid him 22,916 pounds a month for a weekly column to which it is estimated that he dedicated 10 hours of work a month, according to the same registry of economic interests of the deputies.

“See you later, baby”

The Telegraph has since distanced itself from him, but the Daily Mail, a tabloid loyal to the prime minister, has reportedly offered to write a column for him when he leaves Downing Street.

In his spare time, Johnson, who has two very young children with his third wife Carrie, 34, will also be able to write the book on Shakespeare for which he received a big advance in 2015 and which he has yet to write.

To date, he has not said anything about his intentions.

But its already famous “See you later, baby” (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous phrase in the movie “Terminator 2″) during his last question time in the House of Commons on July 20, he spilled a lot of ink, as some understood it as the threat of a comeback.

had also declared “Mission accomplished, for now.”

A sign to some that he may not have said his last word on politics, having reluctantly announced his resignation on July 7 following a rebellion against him in his party, even though he thought he still had a task “colossal” to meet

Source: Gestion

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