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Mark Zuckerberg: how much did your fortune grow this year after cuts in Meta?

Mark Zuckerberg: how much did your fortune grow this year after cuts in Meta?

After his wealth fell by more than $100 billion from his involvement in the metaverse last year, mark zuckerberg -Founder of Facebook and CEO of Goal– now you can say the results are paying off on your journey to mastering virtual reality.

So far this year, his focus has been on the physical world, first cutting costs on his Meta Platforms and now working on a real-life competitor for Twitter’s Twitter. Elon Musk.

In accordance with The financial, the fortune of millennial, which is largely made up of their involvement in Goal, grew by 44 billion dollars this year, the most of any person tracked by the Billionaires Index of Bloomberg.

Even with Meta shares closing slightly lower this Friday in New York, the efficiency turnaround of mark zuckerberg has made the stock the second-best performer this year in the S&P 500, rising more than 100 percent and bringing his net worth to $89.9 billion.

This Friday, Bloomberg News reported that Meta’s Instagram platform plans to launch a competitor to Twitter next month. The text-based app is currently being tested with celebrities and influencers, people with knowledge of the matter said. Meta has a better chance of taking Twitter share than its smaller peerssaid Bloomberg Intelligence analysts Mandeep Singh and Damian Reimertz.

“Meta could be challenged to bring Twitter users to their platform,” they said in a note, but “can be a threat to Twitterwhose engagement has likely suffered from charging its large users a monthly subscription fee.”

The revenue outlook for Goal it’s also improving, Loop Capital Markets analysts Rob Sanderson and Alan Gould wrote in a May 15 note. Analysts have a target of $320 per share, compared with Friday’s closing price of $245.64.

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