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Johnson’s leadership increasingly chaotic

The leadership of Boris Johnson he begins to be questioned about the chaotic way of acting and governing, after giving an incoherent official speech this week, with references to the children’s series Peppa Pig and in which he imitated the sound of a moving car.

With his disheveled blonde hair, the British Prime Minister is for some a nice politician and for others a buffoon, but these gifts that made him popular and that he knew how to take advantage of to come to power in July 2019, are increasingly questioned.

Rather than making people laugh, his behavior, stammering in his parliamentary speeches or answering questions from the press, only irritates the conservative ranks.

The last controversy was the protagonist on Monday when he intervened before the employers’ association Confederation of British Industry (CBI, for its acronym in English), to whom he spoke of the world of Peppa Pig, “a bristle that is shaped like a hair dryer” , he said, to enhance the creativity of the country’s workforce.

Johnson referred to the Peppa Pig amusement park – based on the popular cartoon television series – located in the county of Hampshire, in southern England, that he had visited with his family over the weekend.

But while talking about this character, the prime minister had an uncomfortable moment when he lost the order of the pages that contained his speech. He was seen interspersing the papers, not knowing what to say, with prolonged silences and a pained face.

The “Tory” leader, who has a child less than two years old with his third wife, Carrie -pregnant with their second child in common-, also resorted, as if it were small, to the sound of a car to refer to the vitality of the car. British motor industry. Instead of causing laughter, it revealed a disorderly, unserious and bizarre politician.

British newspapers, with their traditional sense of humor, have flooded their pages today with headlines and drawings that refer to the characters of the colorful world of Peppa Pig.

Concern in the conservative ranks

A Downing Street source, whose identity is not revealed, told the BBC on Tuesday that there is “a lot of concern” at the Executive’s residence because “it is not working” and things are getting “worse”.

The speech before the IWC “was terrible” and “is an indication of the chaotic way” in which the government is managed, added the source.

The former conservative Minister of Health Jeremy Hunt also admitted to the media yesterday (Tuesday) that the speech “was not a great moment” and acknowledged that there are criticisms against Johnson but without reaching those received by the previous “premier” Theresa May from their own “Tory” ranks.

Hunt, who once aspired to the leadership of the formation, also recognized that this has not been “a good month” for the Government, as a result of the scandal over the additional jobs of some conservative deputies such as lobbyists and lobbyists, in clear violation of parliamentary rules due to conflict of interest.

Scandal among the deputies

This controversy erupted when it was recently revealed that “Tory” MP Owen Paterson, who works as an advisor to the Randox laboratory, violated the rules on “parliamentary standards” when it was known that he had lobbied ministries in favor of that company.

Regardless of this revelation, the scandal deepened when, to avoid the sanction of the deputy, Johnson decided to propose a change of the rules on those standards.

The scope of criticism for this decision, even from the same conservative ranks, forced the Executive to back down, while the prime minister asked for forgiveness.

Added to this is the setback suffered last night by the Government when it was barely able to pass a bill on social assistance.

The bill, in which the government introduced controversial last-minute changes, seeks to limit to 86,000 pounds (102,000 euros) the funds that elderly Britons can receive to cover the expenses for their care.

Although finally approved, the bill went ahead by 272 votes in favor and 246 against in the House of Commons, after 19 Conservative deputies opposed and many abstained.



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