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Who is the new CEO of Twitter?

Who is the new CEO of Twitter?

Elon Musk appointed a veteran advertising executive to take the reins of Twitterthe social network that the CEO of Tesla He has been driving it since he bought it last year.

Musk announced Friday that he has hired Linda Yaccarino to be the new CEO of the company, now called X Corp. He said Yaccarino will be primarily focused on running the company’s business operations, leaving him focused on designing product and new technologies.

Here’s what to know about Yaccarino:

veteran advertising executive

Yaccarino, 60, has worked as an advertising executive for decades. She came to NBCUniversal in 2011, just as Comcast was completing its merger with NBC, and oversaw the integration of the two companies’ ad-selling platforms.

There, her most recent position was president of advertising and customer relations.

He oversaw all go-to-market strategy and advertising revenue, which totaled nearly $10 billion, for NBC Universal’s entire portfolio of broadcast, cable and digital assets.

Previously, she held various positions at Turner Broadcasting System Inc. from 1996 to 2011, including Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. She later held management positions in various media outlets.

“She is a marketing leader”says Mark DiMassimo, founder and chief creative officer of the DiGo advertising agency.

“He speaks CMO and understands what marketers need”, he added, referring to the role of the marketing director.

Expanding the limits

Yaccarino has driven changes in the advertising industry on several fronts, including advocating for less reliance on Nielsen measurements and the introduction of a digital platform called One Platform, which makes it easy to buy ads across multiple media, in order to to better compete for advertising with social networks and traditional media companies.

“It is worth noting that he has built a great team that has created many innovative products and has supported the growth they have experienced”said Brian Wieser of the strategic advisory firm Madison and Wall. “He has promoted the sector on many fronts, trying to improve it.”

“I think first and foremost, she will bring to Twitter an understanding of what advertisers need to see to get back on the platform from a brand safety perspective.”says Dave Campanelli, chief investment officer at media buying company Horizon Media.

“She knows better than anyone what it’s going to take and I think for advertisers and buyers, the question really is, is she going to have free rein to do all of that or is it going to be the same old thing (with Musk)?” .

biographical details

Yaccarino is chair of the World Economic Forum Task Force on the Future of Work. A 1985 graduate of Pennsylvania State University, she lives in Sea Cliff, New York, with her husband, Claude Madrazo. They have two sons, Christian and Matthew.

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