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They invent a state in Antarctica to swindle 700 Italians with the promise of paying less taxes

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Twelve people have been arrested and 30 are being investigated in Italy for having invented the “Antarctic Theocratic State of San Giorgio” With which ripped off about 700 people promising nationality to be able to pay less taxes, have passports, land and even receive titles of nobility.

The operation, called “The island that doesn’t exist“, was launched by the Catanzarom Police in the Calabria region (southern Italy) in April 2021 after a search of a building that had been indicated as the diplomatic headquarters of the fictitious State.

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The criminal network made believe that this Nation existed with autonomous sovereignty and privileges “by virtue of the Antarctic Treaty of 1959” and was in charge of carrying out the procedures to grant nationality to whoever requested it, in exchange for between 200 and 1,000 euros.

In about a year, the members of this network had scammed 700 people throughout Italy and raised about 400,000 euros.

The plot was perfectly constructed. According to a note from the Police, in addition to having created an Internet page on the State, they had also launched the publication of an Official State Gazette and the creation of various institutions (Head of State, Government, Court of Justice, Supreme Court, Territorial Delegations…).

From noble titles to lands or passports

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In this way, they deceived people to whom they offered multiple advantages: from the possibility of receiving funding for their research projects, benefiting from a more agile bureaucracy for their companies or using State documents to move freely in Italy and abroad. , to the possibility of allowing the entry into the national territory of foreign citizens or obtaining the vaccine exemption for COVID-19.

By joining the Antarctic State, the most attractive benefits would have been those related to tax reduction, and in at least two cases, the sale of land in Antarctica occurred accompanied by the respective title of nobility.

Among the 12 detainees, under house arrest, is the former general of the Financial Guard Mario Farnesi, 72, who was the “operational reference of all the branches of the Theocratic State” and author of the false documents to obtain nationality.

Source: Lasexta

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