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Vladimir Putin accuses the West of turning the people of Ukraine into “cannon fodder”

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The Russian President, Vladimir Putin accused the United States and the West of turning the people of Ukraine into cannon fodder, because they need conflicts to “preserve their hegemony”.

To preserve their hegemony they need conflict. Precisely for this reason they prepared the role of cannon fodder for the people of Ukraine”, said the head of the Kremlin in a video message to the participants of the X International Conference in Moscow.

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He added that for the same purpose “executed the project ‘anti-Russia‘, they closed their eyes to the spread of neo-Nazi ideology, to the mass murders in Donbas, they crammed and continue to cram weapons, even heavy ones, into the kyiv regime”.

In these conditions we decided to carry out a special military operation in Ukraine in full accordance with the Charter of the United Nations,” Putin said.

The objectives of the military campaign, he stressed, “were clearly defined: ensure the security of Russia and our citizens, defend the inhabitants of Donbas from genocide.”

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The situation in Ukraine shows that the US is trying to prolong this conflict,” the Russian president said.which highlighted that Washington acts in the same way by “stoking the potential for conflicts in Asia, Africa and Latin America.”

He stressed that the situation in the world changes dynamically and the “contours of a multipolar world order” are taking shape.

“Western globalist elites fight against these objective processes by provoking chaos, stoking old and new conflicts, carrying out the policy of so-called containment and, in fact, undermining any alternative path of sovereign development,” Putin said.

The president denounced that in order to preserve its domination “USA. and their vassals grossly interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign states, organize provocations, coups, civil wars.”

“We must restore respect for international law, its fundamental norms and principles,” he emphasized. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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