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The European Union is responding to the poisoning of the Odra River. Phone call from Brussels to Anna Moskwa. “We will not tolerate it”

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Thousands of dead beavers, damage to the ecosystem difficult to estimate – this is a picture of an ecological disaster. “Analyzes on both sides of the border show high salinity” – explains the minister of the environment, a possible pollutant of the river. However, it is still unknown who poisoned the river with what. As the Odra River is a border river in a large section, the German services also catch dead fish.

The European Union is responding to the poisoned Odra River

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Thus, the pollution of the Odra River is a pan-European problem. The Commissioner for the Environment, Sinkevicius, who spoke to Anna Moskva on Monday about a possible role in the face of this, took an interest in it. “We are monitoring the situation and will not tolerate any kind of environmental crime,” he said on Twitter.

The fact of conducting such an interview was also noted by the Polish minister. “I would like to thank the EU Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries for the conversation. I presented the situation on the Odra River, the state of the works and asked to indicate similar situations in Europe. In the analyzes we also use the experiences of other countries and foreign laboratories” – she wrote to Moscow.

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Poland will cooperate with the European Commission

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Mutual willingness to help and a declaration of cooperation are a good sign. Especially that on Friday, the European Commission was to blame that it did not immediately inform the relevant units about the contamination of the Oder river. They made similar claims. A spokesman for the German Ministry of Environment admitted that the information exchange between Poland and Germany did not work. Similar claims were made by the Minister of the Environment, Axel Vogel.

Source: Gazeta

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