the chinese president, Xi Jinpinghas spoken this Wednesday by phone with his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodimir Zelenskyas reported by the state media of the Asian country.

Despite China’s insistence that it maintains a neutral position In the conflict, Xi had not spoken with Zelensky since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, but he has done so on several occasions with the Russian ruler, Vladimir Putin.

“I had a long and significant phone call with President Xi Jinping. I believe that this call, as well as the appointment of the Ukrainian ambassador to China, will give a powerful impetus to the development of our bilateral relations“Zelensky said on his Twitter account.

According to Chinese state media, Xi told Zelensky that China will send a special government representative for Eurasian affairs to visit Ukraine and other countries for the purpose of “carrying out in-depth communication with all parties on a political solution to the crisis.” “.

During the conversation, the Chinese leader noted that the “complex evolution of the ‘crisis’ in Ukraine” has had a “great impact” on the international situation, while assuring that his country “has always been on the side of peace.” and that it “has promoted conversations” in this regard, reported the state channel CCTV. The ruler also told Zelensky that China, as a “permanent member of the UN Security Council”, will not “observe the conflict from afar hoping to obtain benefits” or “add more fuel to the fire”, and reiterated that “dialogue and negotiation” are “the only way out.

As China already did in its position paper issued in February regarding what it calls the “Ukrainian crisis”, Xi asked his counterpart for “calm and restraint” on the “nuclear issue”, because “there are no winners” in a “nuclear war”.

The Asian president explained to his Ukrainian counterpart that “respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity” is “the political basis” of relations between Beijing and Kiev and conveyed his desire to “promote the development of the strategic association between the two countries “.

Zelensky confirmed almost simultaneously the “long and significant” conversation he had with the Chinese leader, which, according to Ukrainian media, lasted for more than an hour. According to Chinese media, the Ukrainian president assured Xi during the conversation that he views “with good eyes” the “important role” played by China in seeking to restore peace.

Zelensky further noted that China “upholds the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter in international affairs,” while acknowledging its “great international influence.” Since the outbreak of the war, China, which opposes sanctions against Moscow, has reiterated the importance of respecting the territorial integrity of countries, including Ukraine, and the “legitimate security concerns of all parties,” referring to to Russia.

Given its good relations with Russia, numerous international voices have called for Beijing to use its influence over Moscow to stop the conflict.

Despite China’s insistence that it maintains a neutral position in the conflict, Xi had not spoken to Zelensky since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine but has spoken on several occasions with Russia’s ruler Vladimir Putin and even has paid an official visit to Moscow.