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A wave of fires devastates thousands of hectares in France

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A wave of fires is devastating thousands of hectares in France, in particular in the Gironde department, in the south-west of the country, where 6,000 hectares have already been consumed by flames and 6,000 people have had to be evacuated due to one of the fires most important remembered in the country.

In addition, there are important fires in the departments of Isère, Drôme and Aveyron, in the southeast, but also in Marne-et-Loire, in the northwest of France, where the wind and high temperatures are making extinction work difficult.

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After a month of July in which 47,000 hectares burned in France, a record for that month, according to the European Fire Information System, the situation became complicated again in the last few hours due to weather conditions.

Attention is focused on Gironde, where the fire seemed controlled in recent days but it has reignited during the early hours and has spread with enormous speed, reaching an area of ​​six football pitches per minute, according to the Prefecture.

Authorities estimate that the fire has been revived at about 40 points simultaneouslyalthough for now they do not advance hypotheses about the origin of the flames.

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The violence of the fire and the speed of its spread have led the authorities to evacuate 6,000 inhabitants of different municipalitieswhile for now it is estimated that 16 houses have already been affected by the flames.

Many of those affected were already evacuated last July due to another major fire that broke out in the region and ended up destroying 13,000 hectares.

Faced with the violence of the flames, the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, announced a reinforcement of the means to combat the flames.

Through a message on the social network Twitter, he assured that More than 1,000 firefighters, nine planes and two helicopters will fight that fire.

“The priority is to save human lives”indicated the prefect delegate of Gironde, Martin Guespereau, who assured that the day is “very complicated” due to the high temperatures, around 40 degrees, and the wind.

He added that the flames are approaching the A63 highway, which connects Bordeaux with the Spanish border, and that it has been closed as a precaution, since the smoke from the fire makes visibility difficult.

That fire monopolizes a good part of the means of extinction that France has, in particular the aerial ones, so the rest have more difficulties to be controlled.

The Executive, which last week opened a crisis cabinet to follow the consequences of the drought, including the fires, has deployed military means throughout the country to contribute to the extinction of the fires.

In Meine-et-Loire, between the towns of Angers and Le Mans, the flames have already destroyed some 1,200 hectares and are still out of control, so the authorities fear that it will spread to a wooded area that could make it difficult to extinguish and affect another 700 hectares.

Darmanin will travel this afternoon to the department of Aveyron, where the flames have already destroyed some 700 hectares of vegetation, an “unprecedented” area in that area, according to the Prefecture, and where the fire is still not controlled, according to the authorities, who have evacuated about 2,000 inhabitants.

Further east, in the Drôme department, some 300 hectares have already been devastated by the flames, which continue to progress uncontrollably and have caused minor injuries to three firefighters during the extinction work.

During the early morning, the fire in the Chartreuse massif, in the Isère department, where almost 200 hectares have been affected and some 170 people evacuated, has also been revived. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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