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The fire of the great industrial fire in Cuba begins to subside

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According to the first hypotheses, the fire originated after a lightning strike struck a fuel tank, which produced a series of explosions. So far there is one deceased 125 injured, five of them in critical condition.


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Euskaraz irakurri: Kuban piztutako sute handia baretzen hasi da

The situation of fire of great proportions in a park of fuel depots of killings (west of Cuba) has taken a favorable turn on the fourth day since it began.

The Cuban authorities have shown cautious optimism on this day: “It is still a big fire, but we observe a different situation from yesterday,” said Alexander Ávalos, deputy head of the National Department of Firefighting Corps, at a press conference on Tuesday. Cuban firefighters.

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Likewise, the smoke has begun to timidly dissipate and has changed from intense black to whitish, a scene different from the images that have traveled the world since the first outbreak on Friday in one of the eight fuel tanks with a capacity of 50,000 cubic meters.

The fire was declared on Friday, according to the first hypotheses, when a lightning struck a fuel tank. That same afternoon, the first tank exploded, with some 25,000 cubic meters of oil, and later, the second tank ignited, with an undetermined amount of fuel.

The second tank collapsed on Sunday, causing a huge explosion, followed by more on Monday. In total, the active fire has left one dead and 125 injured, 5 of them critical.

The low intensity of the flames and smoke has allowed the specialists, who hours before had retreated for safety, to enter the epicenter of the wrecked place among the ashes. In addition, it has given rise to the Government carrying out a first evaluation of the true impact of the fire on the deposits, of great strategic value on the island, mired in an energy crisis due to lack of oil.

The Cuban president himself, Miguel Díaz-Canel, appeared at the scene to evaluate the progress of the work and said that work will be carried out in the search for the 14 people who are still missing.

Source: Eitb

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