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Pelosi accuses Xi Jinping of acting “like a frightened thug” on his trip to Taiwan

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The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosihas defended that his controversial trip to Taiwan “it was worth it” and has questioned the response of China, whose president has accused of acting “like a frightened thug” for ordering the largest recent military maneuvers in that area.

“What China is doing is what it usually does,” said Pelosi, in several interviews this Tuesday –on NBC and MSNBC– with which she has come out against the criticism received for a trip made outside the Administration of Joe Biden and that, in the eyes of Beijing, was a “provocation“.

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The third highest authority in the United States has assured that it has received overwhelming support by both major parties, noting that Beijing cannot “isolate” Taiwan by limiting the island’s relations with other governments. China claims as part of its territory Taiwan, which de facto functions as an independent country.

For Pelosi, if Xi has reacted virulently to the visit it is due to “their own insecurities“, since he considers that the Chinese president, who aspires to a third term, is in a “fragile” positionwith “problems” mainly in the economic field.

The Chinese Army launched unprecedented military exercises around Taiwan last week, to the point of blockading the island. The Taiwanese government has accused Beijing of preparing what could be a invasiona hypothesis that Biden ruled out on Monday.

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Source: Lasexta

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