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Arica: Mayor proposes humanitarian corridor in the face of the migration crisis

Arica: Mayor proposes humanitarian corridor in the face of the migration crisis

Venezuelan migrants undocumented, for more than a week they have been on the Line of Concord, the border between Peru and Chile, asking to enter our country to be able to return to Venezuela.

The mayor of Arica, Gerardo Espíndola, expressed his concern via Twitter, indicating that a humanitarian corridor could be established to resolve the migration crisis on the southern border.

“Urgent coordination between the governments of Chile and Peru to resolve this tension on the border. A humanitarian corridor to Venezuela will help to decompress this edge of the migratory crisis that the continent is experiencing”indicated.

This proposal was reiterated by Espíndola in a local media outlet in which he commented that the immigration situation “is tense”.

“The situation at the Chilean and Peruvian border complexes is tense. We have already spent three days with a large number of migrants who want to leave Chile, but who cannot enter the neighboring country due to a lack of documents or because they have been traveling irregularly,” held.

Likewise, he asked for coordination with Peru, Ecuador and Colombia to be able to specify the humanitarian corridor in favor of migrants.

“What is needed today is to alleviate this situation and prevent a repeat of what happened on Sunday, when a group of more than 200 people blocked traffic between Chile and Peru. The solution is to coordinate between the countries and establish a humanitarian corridor that allows people from Venezuela who are in Chile to reach their country directly.”he highlighted.

looking for a way out

The governor of Tacna, Luis Torres, pointed out that Chile seeks to “pass a problem” to Peru. “Chile has the problem and they want to pass the problem on to us here”he stressed.

However, he considered that instead of the Peruvian and Chilean authorities being “in a struggle”, they should arrange an interstate “exit”.

“I say that, instead of being in that struggle of” I command them, I contain them “, let’s look for a way out because it is about human beings”held.

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