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Lula guarantees the largest coalition and the longest advertising time on TV

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The former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvamaximum favorite to win the presidential elections in October in Brazilguaranteed the largest party coalition and the largest time of propaganda on radio and television among the 11 candidates who will compete for the head of state.

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After the term that the parties had to define their candidates for the presidential, legislative and regional elections on October 2 ended at midnight on Friday, the progressive leader managed to gather the support of 10 of the 25 formations that opted for some candidate for the head of state.

President Jair Bolsonaro, who is seeking to be re-elected, only obtained the support of three parties but guaranteed the second largest participation in the electoral propaganda spaces that public and private radios and televisions are obliged to broadcast during the campaign.

The far-right leader, who appears as Lula’s main rival in the elections since the polls attribute close to 30% favoritism to him against 47% for the socialist, got considerable time in propaganda thanks to the fact that two of the parties that they support have a high number of representatives in Congress.

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Despite the fact that the list of 11 candidates for the presidency may still undergo modifications until August 15, when the deadline for registering the candidacies expires, the scenario that was left now reinforced Lula’s favoritism.

The candidate nominated by the Workers’ Party (PT) will have the support of almost all the leftist and progressive parties, as well as about 3 minutes and 20 seconds of right-wing in each block of electoral propaganda on radio and television, which is 12 and a half minutes (two daily blocks are broadcast).

The candidate for the ruling Liberal Party (PL), meanwhile, will have 2 minutes and 40 seconds in each block of propaganda.

Bolsonaro was negotiating a coalition of five parties that would guarantee him a time similar to that of Lula, but in recent days he lost the support of the Brazilian Labor Party (PTB) and the Social Christian Party (PSC).

The third in the list of candidates with the most right to time in the electoral propaganda, with 2 minutes and 21 seconds, will be Senator Simone Tebet, fourth in the polls with only 2% and who achieved the second largest coalition, with four parties .

Labor Ciro Gomes, the third candidate with the most votes in the 2018 presidential elections and third in voting intention with about 8%, will only be supported by the Democratic Labor Party (PDT), which left him with the fifth longest time in the election. electoral propaganda, with 49 seconds.

Electoral propaganda, both in blocks and in single commercials that can be broadcast at any time, is distributed among the candidates proportionally to the number of representatives in Congress of the parties that support them.

Source: Gestion

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