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Nuclear escalation worldwide with Russia and the US at the forefront: they have 90% atomic weapons

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Flattened streets and an unrecognizable city: this is what Hiroshima after being attacked by first atomic bomb. Seventy-seven years after Hiroshima and Nagasakihave a nuclear weapon it remains the wish of many countries, as is the case with Iran. Their 2022 nuclear program of this country is growing in ambition and capacity compared to 2015, according to Raphael GrossiDirector General of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Tehran announced this Tuesday that it has already activated a hundreds of centrifuges of the latest generation to enrich uranium. And it has done so at 60%, a level close to that of military use. At this rate, Iran is just a short time away from enrich uranium enough to create a nuclear bomb, explains Asia-Pacific Analyst for World Order, Marta New Falguera.

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Since 2006, North Korea has been the latest nation to join the club of countries with nuclear weaponswhich translates into a very dangerous nuclear threat due to the lack of information. Nonetheless, Russia and the United States they are by far the countries with the largest nuclear arsenal. Between the two of them they have 90% of atomic weapons global.

After decades of disarmament, the rivalry between the two countries threatens to develop new weapons. Something that the rest of the countries that have nuclear weapons use as an excuse to increase their potential, says the analyst. To the point that Japan, the only country that has suffered a nuclear attack, is considering harboring US nuclear weapons.

Source: Lasexta

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