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The EU adopted a regulation to reduce gas consumption. Poland against. Tusk: Moscow made the decision

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“The aim of reducing the demand is to make savings for the coming winter, in order to prepare for possible disruptions in the gas supply, which constantly uses energy supplies as a weapon,” the press release said.

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Member States have agreed to reduce their gas needs between August 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023 by 15%. consumption compared to the average consumption over the last five years and use measures of your choice.

An agreement on this matter was reached in July at a meeting in Brussels by the energy ministers of the 27 member states. The initial proposal was then relaxed and withdrawn from mandatory restrictions for all countries in the event of an alert. A number of exemptions and derogations have been agreed. Poland – as the Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moskwa informed in July – will not be subject to any mandatory gas reductions.

Voluntary reduction of your gas demand. Poland against

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Now the PiS government has objected to the adoption of the draft regulation in the written procedure “due to serious objections to the content of the draft, including in particular a defective legal and treaty basis”.

“Decisions affecting the energy mix and energy security of the Member States should be adopted unanimously in a special legislative procedure (…). Any measures envisaged by EU law that reduce the consumption of energy announcement of the EU emergency state) should also be adopted by unanimity “, we read in the position of the Polish government.

“The Republic of Poland is against any state or the European Commission imposing restrictions on other states. The Republic of Poland does not agree that one state should decide for another in energy policy or that the European Commission should have competences in this area. Energy policy and energy security it is the exclusive policy and responsibility of the Member States “- added.

Donald Tusk: Moscow made the decision. Anna Moskwa, Minister of Environment

The decision of the Polish government was harshly commented on by Donald Tusk on Twitter. “The EU decided to save gas in order to protect itself against Russian blackmail. The Hungarians were against it (after consultations with Lavrov). At the last moment, the Hungarians were backed by Poland. The decision was taken by Moscow. Civic Platform.

The Minister of Climate quickly replied to his entry. “Sir @donaldtusk – Poland has been against the compulsory reduction of gas in sovereign EU countries from the very beginning. The short-sighted policy and failure to listen to Poland and Ukraine on the Nord Stream issue can not be the basis for enforcing solidarity now,” wrote Anna Moskwa.

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