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Bill Gates’s formula for success and being a millionaire

Bill Gates is a successful businessman, founder of Microsoft and tireless philanthropist, always within the top 10 of the richest men in the world, with a fortune valued at about US $ 134,000 million, according to Forbes magazine. Despite the ups and downs, he is one of the millionaires who has maintained a stable economic position for more than 20 years.

He founded Microsoft in 1975, resigned as CEO of the company in 2000, and cut all full-time positions with the company in 2008 to focus on his founding, but he still racks in millions.

Throughout his career, Gates has left some tips that reveal how he achieved success, which can be well used by other people who want to replicate his rising career.

-To invest-

In different publications it is appreciated that Gates does not have the money “sleeping” and invests it in different ways, whether in the stock market, growing and consolidated companies or in the purchase of land.

In different talks he has commented that when he wants to start a business he analyzes the risks and benefits, in addition, he listens to experts who can help him make the right decision.

According to the specialized portal InfoTechnology, Bill Gates invests in three key companies that always generate significant income: Caterpillar (heavy machinery sector), UPS (the logistics and parcel delivery chain) and REIT Crown Castle International (one of the firms most powerful cell phone antennas in the world).

-Valuable people-

“Gates always insists on the opportunity to surround himself with ‘valuable’ people who can be learned from and who inspire him,” writes the portal Uppers.

“When you have smart people working with you, you want to keep them stimulated”Gates said, making clear the importance of teaming up with people who add to and influence success.

Proof of these statements is the “Bill and Melinda Gates” foundation that he started with his then wife for more than two decades in his quest to fight inequalities and diseases in the poor countries of the world.

In her book “The Moment of Lift” (2019) Melinda relates that in 2012 she bitterly fought with her husband to see who would write the foundation’s “annual letter”, which Bill had been writing since 2007.

“I thought we would kill each other”, said. Since 2014 they write it jointly.

However, after the divorce it is not clear whether they will continue to work together at the foundation.


Although one is focused on success, Gates believes that you should not neglect the hobbies or individual hobbies with which you enjoy because it is the best therapy to disconnect, ‘reset’ the brain and return to work renewed.

It is known that Gates’ favorite hobby is reading, but the Microsoft founder is also distracted by series, as he recounted in an interview, where he confessed that he hooked up with Lupine, the Netflix production.

The next thing I knew, four hours had passed. I really let go that night, and I was laughing at myself. I don’t usually do that, but they make it easy for you. You sit there and the next episode is ready and working, “Gates admitted to Clubhouse, according to El Universal.

He also confessed that he enjoyed the series The Americans and Modern Family. He does not play video games, but is distracted by watching his nephews play them.

He does play bridge (card game), in addition to tennis and pickleball, he said in the interview.

-Philanthropy and pandemic-

Gates has had a reputation as a visionary, from the beginning of his academic life. Entering in 1973 to study law at Harvard and resigning two years later to found Microsoft is undoubtedly one of the riskiest bets known. In the same way, the decision to start a global aid foundation and put aside the management of your company is understood.

Since 2000, it has invested nearly $ 55 billion in 135 countries to try to achieve its goals. Each year he donates about $ 5 billion to different causes, according to the New York Times.

The fight against the coronavirus is also a priority: since February 2020 the foundation has spent more than 1.75 billion dollars fighting COVID-19, the organization reported to The Washington Post.

Despite the economic abundance that Bill Gates enjoys, he always looked for a way for those who need the most to improve their living conditions and that is perhaps the best lesson of success for the people who are looking for it.


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