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Mexico and Ecuador have not reached a trade agreement on shrimp and bananas

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The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, acknowledged that his government has not yet reached agreements with Ecuador on shrimp and bananas in the free trade agreement that both countries are negotiating.

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A trade agreement is being signed with Ecuador. However, no agreement has been reached regarding shrimp and plantain”, pointed out the president.

López Obrador affirmed that he has a very good relationship with the Ecuadorian president, Guillermo Lasso, who has requested that the Mexican market be opened to these two products that are key for Ecuador.

However, he specified that Mexico is attending to what producers from states such as Sinaloa, Chiapas and Tabasco raise.

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Since the end of May, Mexico and Ecuador have held negotiations to finalize a trade agreement for these two products, with the aim of Ecuadorians becoming full members of the Pacific Alliance, one of the world’s main economic blocs.

The Mexican president pointed out that the agreement is pending and is being reviewed by the Ministry of Economy in Mexico, but he stated that they are supporting Mexican producers “and one way to support them is that, that the market be protected”.

He added that his government must “take care of the productive sectors of the country”.

We cannot bet on an indiscriminate and unlimited opening as it was before, we have to protect certain sectors that are fundamental and strategic as they do throughout the world, all countries”, he indicated.

For the Lasso government, it is a priority to finalize a trade agreement with Mexico, since it is the requirement that it lacks to become a full member of the Pacific Alliance, the regional integration mechanism made up of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, which which would also facilitate trade with the Asia-Pacific.

However, in this impasse, the Ecuadorian fishing sector has raised its voice against the trade agreement with Mexico, feeling harmed by the conditions set forth.

In addition, the National Chamber of Fisheries of Ecuador considers as a “recoil” That the agreement only contemplates exporting fish of closed origin and not of flexible origin to Mexico.

While the Association of Tuna Fisheries of Ecuador (Atunec) and the Ecuadorian Chamber of Industrialists and Processors of Tuna (Ceipa) have asked Lasso to withdraw fishing from the treaty, considering that Mexico requests “an unacceptable, harmful and even ominous annex for the interests of the tuna sector”.

Source: Gestion

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