The Government of Equatorial Guinea does not recognize the authority of the Spanish courts. This has been sent to them in a letter to which laSexta has had access, in which they inform “the Government of the Kingdom of Spain that they do not recognize the jurisdiction of the courts in Spain”, in a context in which Carmelo Ovono Obiang and two other senior Guinean officials are being investigated at the National Court for kidnapping and torture of two Spanish nationals.

In January, in laSexta we accessed the summary of the case, which states that the regime had taken the Spanish opponents who lived in Fuenlabrada and Alcalá de Henares and they disappeared in 2019 in South Sudan to subject them to violent interrogations with complete impunity.

The judge of the National Court Santiago Pedraz began to investigate three senior officials of the Equatorial Guinean regime in events that began in 2019, when Feliciano Efa Mangue and Julio Obama Mefuman they traveled to South Sudan tricked by warlords. There, according to the summary, they were kidnapped and taken to Equatorial Guinea to later be brutally tortured.

In Equatorial Guinea, they were accused of participating in a military coup and sentenced to 90 and 70 years in prison, respectively. The case is open for kidnapping for terrorist purposes, torture, forced disappearance and, alternatively, crimes against humanity.

Here I am, I accept to die. In fact, I knew you were coming to find me. That’s why I haven’t told you anything. I have no problem with you, nothing. The president is not a god”, said in one of the videos the prison official who helped the detainees to contact their relatives in Spain.

The summary also includes the following testimony from one of the opponents: “The veins in my arms almost burst because they tied me up like a crocodile is tied up, hand and foot, and between the ties they put a long stick through, they lift you up and hang you above.”

In mid January, Julio Obama Mefumanone of the Spanish opponents of Equatorial Guinea arrested, imprisoned and tortured, died in Oveng Azem prison.