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Castillo sends a letter to López Obrador to thank him for supporting his family

Castillo sends a letter to López Obrador to thank him for supporting his family

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, received a letter on Monday from the former Peruvian president Pedro Castillo, in prison since December 7 after a failed self-coup attempt, after meeting with his lawyer, the Argentine Guido Croxatto.

I met with Guido Croxatto, a lawyer for Pedro Castillo, the president who was illegally ousted and is unjustly in prison suffering from the classism and racism that sadly prevails in Peru”, López Obrador wrote on his social networks, where I attached the letter received.

As he did recently in a similar letter sent to Colombian President Gustavo Petro, Castillo thanked him for the support he has received from Mexico since he entered prison, where he must serve 36 months in pretrial detention.

From this cell where I can only resist with the longing for the speedy freedom of my people, I greet you with all my strength and hope to thank you and all the Mexican people for supporting the just struggles of Peru and the permanent support for my family“Castillo explained.

In the letter, the former Peruvian president recalled the nearly 70 Peruvians who have died in the demonstrations that have taken place throughout the country since his removal and imprisonment, and against the new president, Dina Boluarte.

My freedom is secondary, the true freedom that must be supported, dear brother president, is that of our people, today repressed and with dozens of compatriots shot to death“Castillo explained.

In addition, he stressed that his family is being “harassed”. His wife, Lilia Paredes, and his two children, received political asylum in Mexico.

This Monday, a Peruvian judge rescheduled for next Wednesday the hearing in which he must decide whether to impose 36 months in preventive detention on Castillo’s wife, Paredes, for being allegedly involved in cases of government corruption.

López Obrador has defended Castillo since his dismissal, for which he blames the Peruvian oligarchy, and considers “spurious” the Government of Boluarte.

Croxatto met on March 16 with Petro, another of the leaders who have shown the most support for Castillo.

Source: EFE

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