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Pope Francis urges the ethical use of artificial intelligence

Pope Francis urges the ethical use of artificial intelligence

He Pope Francisco He acknowledged today the potential of new technologies, but today urged the ethical use of artificial intelligence, in a speech to participants at a level meeting of scientists and experts organized by the Vatican’s Dicastery for Education and Culture.

I am convinced that the development of the artificial intelligence and machine learning has the potential to positively contribute to the future of humanity”, the pope said in his speech.

But, he asserted, that “at the same time (…) this potential will be realized only if there is an ongoing and consistent commitment by those who develop these technologies to act ethically and responsibly”.

In this regard, he expressed his concern that “digital technologies have increased inequality in our world” and raised some questions: “Can our national and international institutions hold technology companies accountable for the social and cultural impact of their products?”.

Is there a risk that rising inequality will undermine our sense of human and social solidarity? Could we lose our sense of a shared destiny?”, he inquired.

The real goal, he said, “It must be that the growth of scientific and technological innovation is accompanied by greater equality and social inclusion”.

He also stressed that “the concept of intrinsic human dignity requires that we recognize and respect the fact that the fundamental worth of a person cannot be measured by data alone”.

in social and economic decision-making. continuous“we must be cautious in delegating judgments to algorithms that process data, often surreptitiously collected, about an individual’s makeup and prior behavior”.

And he added: “We cannot allow algorithms to limit or condition respect for human dignity, or exclude compassion, mercy, forgiveness and, above all, the hope that people are capable of changing”.

He warned that these data may be “contaminated by prejudices and preconceived ideas of society”.

A person’s past behavior should not be used to deny them the opportunity to change, grow and contribute to society.”, he added.

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