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Ukraine calls for an urgent session of the Security Council before the Russian nuclear deployment in Belarus

Ukraine calls for an urgent session of the Security Council before the Russian nuclear deployment in Belarus

Ukraine calls for an urgent session of the Security Council before the Russian nuclear deployment in Belarus

NATO will not take any response measures for now but accuses Putin of distorting the reality of non-proliferation treaties. The US has no indication that Russia is preparing a nuclear weapon, and is merely keeping a “vigilant” eye.

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Euskaraz irakurri: Ukrainak Segurtasun Kontseilua premiaz biltzea eskatu du Errusiak Belarusian nuklearrak hedatuko dituela eta

The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine has formally requested this Sunday the convening of a special session of the United Nations Security Council to deal with the announcement made by the Russian President, Vladimir Putinon the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

“The latest announcement by the Russian Federation about the intention to deploy tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus is another provocative step by the criminal Putin regime, which undermines the principles of the nuclear non-proliferation treaties, the disarmament architecture on nuclear weapons and international security systems in general”, the Ministry has made known.

Similarly, he has asked the G7 and the European Union to warn the Belarusian authorities about the “far-reaching consequences” that the Minsk government would face “if it agrees to accept Russian tactical nuclear weapons on its territory.”

Putin announced the deployment in response to the British announcement to supply depleted uranium ammunition to Ukraine; a decision that in his opinion and against the opinion of kyiv, does not violate the nuclear control agreements signed by Russia. The Russian president hopes that the construction of the facilities for the storage of tactical nuclear weapons will be completed by July 1. These weapons will remain under Russian control.

NATO and the US remain “vigilant”

In its first response to Putin’s announcement, the NATO has limited itself to declaring that it remains “vigilant” without taking additional measures for the moment, but he did want to emphasize that the Russian president is distorting the reality of the non-proliferation agreements by ensuring that he is not committing any violation of them.

“Russia’s reference to NATO nuclear exchanges is totally misleading. NATO allies act in full respect of their international commitments,” according to a spokeswoman for the Atlantic Alliance in statements to DPA, in which she has singled out at Putin for his “irresponsible and dangerous” nuclear rhetoric.

He U.S. government He has also reiterated that he does not have any information from the country’s intelligence indicating that Russia is preparing a nuclear weapon, after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced an agreement with Belarus to deploy tactical nuclear weapons.

“We have not seen no reason to adjust our own nuclear posture strategy or any indication that Russia is preparing to use a nuclear weapon,” State Department spokesman Vedant Patel told CNN.

Source: Eitb

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