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US pledges $49 billion for safe water and sanitation

US pledges $49 billion for safe water and sanitation

USA announced this Wednesday that in the coming years it will dedicate 49,000 million dollars to projects to improve the security of the water supply and sanitation infrastructure inside and outside the country.

Washington announced this commitment, which includes funds and initiatives that it had already launched previously, within the framework of the UN Water Conference, which opened today in New York. Much of the investment will take place within the United States as part of the Democrat Joe Biden Administration’s plans to improve the country’s water infrastructure and supply to disadvantaged communities.

Currently, according to the White House itself, more than two million Americans do not have access to clean water in their homes and a quarter of homes connected to private wells have contaminants in their water, with some populations much more affected, such as the case of the natives.

Outside the United States, the announced investments are primarily focused on 22 high-priority countries, 16 of them in sub-Saharan Africa, but also including Guatemala, Haiti, India and the Philippines.

“Billions of people around the world lack safe drinking water and sanitation or regularly face shortages”recalled the US ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, when making the announcement.

The United Nations Water Conference seeks to collect voluntary commitments from the public and private sectors to respond to the current water crisis, both with measures to protect this resource and to continue expanding access to this vital resource throughout the world.

On this opening day of the summit, which ends on Friday, the UN had already received more than 500 commitments, many of them collected before the meeting. Among those announced today are, for example, a pact signed by more than fifty large companies to speed up their measures on water or the promise of ten new countries to seal the UN Water Convention, an international agreement on the transboundary management of water resources.

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