The New York courthouses They have woken up cordoned off. They fear that the Trump supporters listen to him and flock to protest against his possible arrest for buying the silence of a porn actress in 106. This Tuesday is the deadline announced by the American businessman to be arrested. Hence, this Tuesday in Florida was his last appearance in public.

Immediately afterwards, he has attacked again on his social network, where he declares victim of an extortion plot in the Stormy Daniels scandal, the porn actress whom he would have silenced with $130,000 of undeclared money from the 2016 election campaign. “An extortion plot by Stormy, horseface, Daniels. Everyone is sick and it’s fake news,” ensures.

In the last few hours, New York has armored manhattan court with billboards and police before a possible avalanche of followers of the former president. Trump assured that this Tuesday he would be arrested. False images of the moment are already circulating on the networks.

It would be the first time for a former president sitting in the dock from ordinary justice, but beforehand his fingerprints would be taken and his official photo taken as a detainee.

Trump wants to avoid this image at all costs. Therefore, he urges his followers to protest again using rhetoric that revived the ghosts of the assault on the Capitol. The most radical supporters are already warming up in Florida.

He great republican rival of Trump for the next elections, Ron Desantis, has raised blisters among the followers of the tycoon by describing all this as a manufactured circus. “I have to dedicate my time to issues that really matter to people,” Desantis recently said.