At least 14 people have died and more than 300 have been injured as a consequence of 6.7 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale that has shaken the Ecuadorian Pacific coast this Saturday, near the border with Peru.

The Secretariat of Risk Management of the Ecuadorian Government has confirmed for the moment 11 deceased in the province of El Oro and two in the province of Azuay. In addition, the Ministry of Public Health has reported that so far 381 people have been treated in health centers, with the largest number of injured being in the canton of El Pasaje, in El Oro.

The Secretariat has also reported that 90 homes have been damaged, others 44 have been destroyed and there are 31 health centers and 50 educational centers affected, as well as a bridge and various public and private buildings.

On Puná Island, off the coast of Guayaquil, the Electricity Corporation of Ecuador has reported a Energy cutbecause a house that has been damaged runs risk of collapsing on the main lines of the thermal power plant of the island. In order to be able to work in the area and avoid further damage, the Fire Department and the Electricity Corporation have requested the power cut at the plant for the two hours that its operations last.

Some highways, including the one that connects Cuenca and Molleturo, have been rendered useless by landslides as a result of the earthquake, and the Government has reported that the work to clear them will take more than twelve hours.

Lasso visits the most affected areas

For his part, the country’s president, Guillermo Lasso, has sent a message of support and solidarity to families of the deceased, and has visited the wounded at the IESS-Machala Hospital. He has also spoken with the mayor of the city to ratify the support of his government and the provision of the country’s resources. The earthquake was felt in 13 provinces of the country, although the damage is centered in Guayas, Azuay, El Oro and Chimborazo.

Peru reports the death of a four-year-old girl

The National Emergency Operations Center of Peru (COEN) has confirmed that in the earthquake, which has also affected part of the country, a four year old girl has died. The girl was transferred to the Tumbes Regional Hospital after being injured by part of the roof of her house falling, but she has finally died.

They have also reported that, for the moment, there are at least 29 people injured and another 73 affected by the earthquake. Four houses have been destroyed, another five are still standing but in an uninhabitable condition, and 72 have suffered damage. In addition, two health centers have been damaged.