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White House says talk between Xi and Zelensky would be ‘a good thing’

White House says talk between Xi and Zelensky would be ‘a good thing’

The White House said on Thursday that a conversation between the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyand the Chinese leader Xi Jinping it would be “a good thing,” and urged Beijing not to take a “one-sided” view of the conflict.

“We think it would be really good if the two of them talked,” National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters when asked about a Wall Street Journal report to that effect.

After assuring that the United States has “supportedA longtime contact between Xi and Zelensky, he noted: “We believe that it is very important that the Chinese listen to the point of view of the Ukrainians and not only that of (Russian President Vladimir) Putin.”

The Wall Street Journal claimed earlier this week that Xi planned to speak with his Ukrainian counterpart soon, in what would be their first conversation since Russia invaded Ukraine more than a year ago.

According to the newspaper, the talk could take place after a visit planned for next week by the Chinese president to Moscow.

Beijing has not explicitly condemned or supported the Russian offensive in Ukraine, while providing diplomatic support to Moscow.

But Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang and his Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kuleba spoke by phone on Thursday.

Kirby said the United States has not confirmed that a summit between Putin and Xi will take place, but he urged Beijing to avoid seeking a resolution to the war that “reflect only the Russian perspective.”

On February 24, exactly one year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, Beijing released a 12-point document urging Moscow and kyiv to hold peace talks.

Kirby said that China’s highlighting the need for a ceasefire “sounds perfectly reasonable” but in fact “would ratify the conquest of (territories by) Russia.”

“It would constitute another continued violation of the UN Charter”he pointed.

Russian forces occupying swathes of Ukraine are currently under intense pressure from Western-armed Ukrainian troops.

According to Kirby, a ceasefire would allow Moscow “further entrench their positions in Ukraine, rebuild their forces… and retrain them so they can resume attacks at a time of their choosing.”

a lasting peace “It cannot be one-sided and has to absolutely include and be informed by Ukrainian perspectives and Ukrainian decisions,” said.

Recently accused by the United States of considering supplying arms to Russia, China has strongly denied this.

Source: AFP

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