Reform of pensions by decree. The government of Emmanuel Macron will thus approve the controversy reform with which it raises the retirement age from 62 to 64, avoiding a vote in the National Assembly, where the text was being debated this Thursday. A decision that has immediately come up against protests in the streets and also in parliamentary headquarters.

So, thousands of people have gathered at the gates of the Assembly in Paris, where even they have set fire while they shouted against the Executive. Protests that are already settled in the vicinity of the Chamber with races and clashes with the Police, who have used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the protesters.

Inside, the Prime Minister, Elizabeth Bornepreviously announced before the pension reform would be approved skipping the vote of Parliament.

As he was already taking the stage, the deputies of the left raised their banners against the reform and for two minutes they sang ‘La Marseillaise’ as a sign of rejection, preventing the Prime Minister from speaking, who has finally cited the article that will allow the Government to carry out the project by decree. “We cannot play with the future of our pensions,” the ‘premier’ wielded.

Threat of motion of no confidence

The French government has resorted to this instrument given the possibility of not achieving a sufficient majority in the Chamber to carry out the measure. A decision to which political reactions have not been long in coming.

“They did not manage to find a majority because they were bad,” the far-right has asserted in this regard Marine LePenwhich has already shown its intention to file a motion of censure in the next 24 hours, the term that the groups have to do so and the possibility that the French left is also considering.

If a motion is finally filed, It would be discussed this Monday and, if it were to go ahead, the pension reform would not be approved and the Government would have to resign. If the opposite occurs, the reform will be approved.