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Two British government ministers resign due to loss of confidence in Boris Johnson


The British Ministers of Economy, Rishi Sunak, and Health, Sajid Javid, have announced their resignation on Tuesday having lost confidence in the leadership of the prime ministerBoris Johnson. The departure of these two heavyweights from the Executive weakens the position of Johnson, besieged by multiple scandals, and means that, if there are more departures, the Government could fall.

In his resignation letter, Sunak says that Economics may be his last “ministerial job”, but for him it is more important to fight for good standards of conduct. “The public rightly expects government to be conducted properly, competently and seriously,” which is not currently the case, he says. Sunak says he has been “loyal” and has publicly supported the Conservative leader even withhen she disagreed with him “in private” and has tried to financially back Johnson’s priorities.

However, according to the letter, Johnson was not willing to make “difficult decisions” in the economy and that has led them to disagree on their approach, to the point that the so-called chancellor of the Exchequer has chosen to resign. Javid states for his part that he cannot, “in conscience, continue serving in this government.” “I am a team person by instinct but British citizens rightly expect integrity in government,” he says.

The Minister of Health confirms that the problems that the Conservative Party is going through “will not be resolved under Johnson’s leadership”so he has “lost confidence in him”.

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