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Russia studies denouncing cooperation agreement with Norway in the Barents Sea


The president of the Russian Duma (Lower House of Parliament), Viacheslav Volodin, asked the Legislative Foreign Affairs Committee to study the denunciation or suspension of the agreement between Russia and Norway on the delimitation of maritime borders and the use of their resources.

With us is (the head of the Foreign Affairs Committee) Leonid Slutski. We are going to ask you to study this issue and then we will inform the deputies”, he stated during the plenary session of the Russian Duma, according to the legislative body.

The proposal to denounce the agreement was presented by the communist deputy Mijaíl Matvéev, who recalled that after its ratification in 2010, Russia gave in “175,000 square kilometers from the Barents Sea to Norway”.

The legislator pointed out that this treaty sought to have a positive impact on relations between the Arctic countries.

Today we see how Norway hinders the delivery of cargoes with provisions to our populations in Svalbard”, he alerted.

At the end of June, Moscow denounced Norway’s blockade of supplies destined for the employees of the Russian state company Arktikugol, which manages Russian economic activities in the Svalbard archipelago.

Due to the restrictions imposed by Oslo on Russia in April due to the military campaign in Ukraine on the transit of goods by road, they are stranded at the border “vital goods” to ensure the functioning of the Russian company and also the Russian consulate general.

For this reason, Russia has accused Norway of violating the Paris Agreement (1920), which recognizes Norwegian sovereignty over Svalbard, but also the right of the signatories, including Russia, to exploit its resources.

At the end of April, the Norwegian government announced that it would prohibit road transport to Russian operators as of May 7 and will close its ports to ships flying the flag of that country within the framework of the fifth package of sanctions of the European Union (EU). ), of which it is not part, although it is part of the European Economic Area.

However, Svalbard was left out of the sanctions precisely due to the Paris Treaty, which was also signed by the United States, the United Kingdom, France or Denmark, among others.

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