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The gang of thieves who stole from luxury villas of celebrities and footballers in Spain falls


The National Police has dismantled a band itinerant specializing in assault luxury villas of celebrities and footballers in various parts of Spainamong others that of the former Brazilian soccer player and president of Real Valladolid, Ronaldo Nazario de LimaIn ibiza.

After the theft of some three million euros between jewels and money in his housedenounced in the early hours of last Monday, June 27, five men – four Albanians and one Spaniard – and a Romanian woman were arrested in the Alicante town of Denia and in Malaga, sources close to the investigation told Efe.

This Tuesday, the General Police Directorate reported on the dismantling of this gang of Albanian origin, related to up to 15 assaults on luxury villas in the provinces of Alicante, Malaga and Murcia.

In this operation, called Marenostrum, the arrest of a seventh person related to the gang has been announced, whom the Police had been investigating since the end of 2021.

Two arrested after the assault

The first two arrests occurred after the robbery at Ronaldo’s house, just when the alleged perpetrators of the assault arrived in Denia on a ferry on June 28.

The Police had detected that those responsible for the organization had visited the cities of Malaga, Barcelona and Ibiza on the same day, which raised suspicions of a possible imminent action.

The agents who were waiting for them at the port of that town in Alicante intercepted a car in which two alleged members of the organization were driving, and they found several of the luxury watches stolen in the Ibizan villa of Ronaldo in the co-pilot’s airbag compartment. .

The rest of stolen jewelry was recovered by the Operative Group of Technical Interventions of the Police in different hidden compartments of the vehicle.

After the arrest of these two members of the gang, the agents located the other five members of the organization in the province of Malaga, including a married couple who carried out the logistics work necessary for the robberies.

Once arrested, two house searches were carried out in the Malaga municipalities of Valle-Niza and Chilches, as well as another in Ibiza, during which stolen effects were seized that allowed the Police to link the gang with another 15 assaults on homes of luxury -nine in Malaga, four in Murcian municipalities and two in Alicante-.

Thefts in luxury villas of businessmen and celebrities

The investigation into this organization began at the end of 2021, when several robberies occurred inside villas inhabited by large businessmen and celebrities on the Costa del Sol, Murcia and Ibiza during specific dates, such as New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Eve.

In these assaults, properties of the victims with an approximate value of 300,000 euros were stolen.

According to the first investigations of the Police, the band, based in Albania, was perfectly organized and structured.

Its members traveled to Spain from that country for the time necessary to commit the assaults on previously selected homes.

For robberies, they had important security measures and had rented large-capacity cars with which they moved to luxury villas and fled once the acts were committed.

They selected the vehicles based on their power and after the robberies they changed their license plates, in addition to deactivating the geographic positioning systems as a security measure.

During raids, they scaled the perimeter walls of homes and used disguises to conceal themselves, as well as sophisticated transmission equipment to communicate with each other. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso



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