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Russian hackers target Norway in latest round of cyberattacks

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The Norwegian National Security Authority has been helping a number of organizations deal with targeted cyberattacks from a suspected pro-Russian group, the director general said, Sophie Nystromto reporters on Wednesday.

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Some websites experienced instability or outage, but there is currently no indication that any sensitive or personal information has been compromised.

The portal of the public administration, the corporate page of an online banking identification service and the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority were among those affected by the so-called distributed denial of service attacks.

The website of Norway’s largest newspaper was also down for 25 minutes, it reported on Wednesday.

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Other members of the NATO have faced similar attacks, with Lithuania’s defense chief saying on Wednesday that the Baltic nation had been the target of an unprecedented cyberattack this week after the government announced it would begin blocking the transit of sanctioned goods to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad.

Norway also refused the transit of sanctioned Russian goods bound for the Svalbard archipelago through its mainland ports as part of measures implemented after the Ukraine invasion. A two-container shipment that was blocked last week included spare parts for ships and vehicles, TV2 reported.

Norway has sovereignty over Svalbard, under a 1920 treaty, but signatories have equal rights to trade there.

Source: Gestion

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