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Ecuador crisis in “deadlock” with broken dialogue amid protests

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The crisis in Ecuador reached a “Deadpoint” this Wednesday with the broken dialogue between the Government and the indigenous movement, which leads the protests due to the high cost of living, and with the ruler Guillermo Lasso, with a victory that tasted of defeat, after saving a motion in Parliament to dismiss him .

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The protests led by the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (Conaie) celebrate 17 days with roadblocks, roadblocks and violent incidents such as the burning of police units and the attack on two convoys of trucks with essential products guarded by the military.

Precisely, the death of a soldier in the attack on a convoy transporting fuel in the Amazon was the trigger for Lasso to break off dialogue with the president of Conaie, Leonidas Iza, who participated in a meeting on Monday, along with other indigenous leaders, and representatives of the Executive.

Lasso said that only when you have “legitimate representatives of all the peoples and nationalities of Ecuador” open to a dialogue “real and frank”, the Government will return to the dialogue table, a position of “authoritarianism”, according to Conaie, which considered that Lasso did not break up with Iza but “with the people”.

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The indigenous movement, with its leaders at the forefront, demonstrated again this Wednesday in the center of Quito, in a peaceful march where it endorsed that they will not leave the capital until they have answers.

Dead end?

For analyst Wendy Reyes, the situation is “very complicated“Because the government does not see a decision, while if there was the possibility of a replacement for Iza, it would take a long time to appoint him, since the assembly process to elect him as president took about a year.

It is dead end street. We are experiencing a stalemate. There is a tremendous cost for the country, not only economic, in everything and things get complicated”, the professor at George Washington University told Efe, lamenting that a story has been constructed “of the good and the bad“, what “It’s not good for the country either.”.

The protests have so far left six dead, one of them the soldier who perished on Tuesday, and some 400 injured among protesters and law enforcement, as well as millionaire economic losses.

In addition, a dismayed society to see that protesters get out of trucks and puncture the wheels of every passing vehicle, while others, threatening with spears and sticks, force businesses to close, which has caused some citizen confrontations.

Reyes – also a professor at the Andean University – recalled that in order to remove the Armed Forces, the Government needs a state of emergency, a measure that it repealed last weekend due to the decrease in the intensity of the protests.

The Conaie had demanded the elimination of the state of emergency to start the talks, but without abandoning its mobilization, in which Reyes sees “many actors”, including some violent, while Conaie herself has also spoken of “infiltrators”.

there were advances

A Governance expert, Reyes pointed out that in the midst of the crisis there was progress, since Conaie recognized that the Government had attended to five of its ten requests, while the approaches advanced.

In addition, in the first meeting on Monday, there were advances that led the Government to commit not to promote oil activity in the Amazon and not to give more mining concessions in protected natural areas and intangible zones.

However, the indigenous movement demanded from the Executive a greater reduction in the prices of subsidized fuels, which were reduced last Sunday by 10 cents on the dollar.

Reyes told Efe that a possible way out would be Lasso’s decision to personally sit down at the dialogue table and for the indigenous movement to find another interlocutor, something with which analyst Santiago Pérez Samaniego, professor of political science at the Private Technical University, agrees. of Loja (UTPL).

Let Lasso preside over the dialogues “It would be a demonstration of the leadership that the Government has lacked“, to resolve “the very just social demands that the indigenous movement and a large part of the Ecuadorian people have”, the analyst pointed out to Efe.

“Victory with a taste of defeat”

In the midst of the protests, Lasso faced an impeachment motion raised by Correísta legislators for “serious political crisis and internal commotion”, which is provided for in the Constitution.

The initiative had the support of 80 of the 137 legislators, which was not enough for the Correistas to remove him (they needed 92), but which left Lasso with “a victory flavored with defeat”, Pérez Samaniego said in statements to Efe.

The president will have it very complicated from now on” and shall “try to regain control”, said Pérez Samaniego, while Reyes pointed out that in order to solve the current crisis, decisions must be made “Already” and not get caught up in analyzing “who won or who lost, because we are all losing”.

Source: Gestion

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