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The US Senate gives the green light to control the use of weapons while the Supreme Court endorses the right to carry them publicly

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The United States Senate has voted to increase control over firearms in the country. This is the first time in decades that the two major parties in the US agree to legislate more harshly on weapons and now it will be the House of Representatives who determines it, where the Democrats have a majority.


The measure has gone ahead with the support of the 50 Democratic senators and 15 Republicans -including the leader of the Republican minority, Mitch McConnell-, while 33 other Conservatives have voted against. This minimum but sufficient agreement comes after the mass shootings in a supermarket in Buffalo (New York) and in a school in Uvalde (Texas).

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The president of the USA, Joe Biden, has celebrated in a statement that, “after 28 years without progress”, representatives of both parties were able to agree to “act” and provide a political response to the families of the victims of the Uvalde and Buffalo shootings.


Biden has ensured that the bill will help protect Americans and that the schools and the community will be safer, and urged the House of Representatives to follow the steps of the Senate and approve the measure so that it can become law.

These are the measurements

The bill includes a revision of the gun purchase process for those under 21and extends to the entire country the so-called “danger alert” (“Red Flag”) laws, which allow the activation of a legal procedure to confiscate the firearms of those who represent a danger to third parties or to themselves.

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In addition, the proposal also seeks to put an end to what is known as “the emptiness of the boyfriend”by which until now if someone is accused of domestic violence without being married, they are allowed to continue to own weapons, something that does not happen in the case of married people.

Apart from slightly restricting access to weapons to certain people and under what circumstances, the agreement between Democrats and Republicans also includes more funding for mental health resources and to strengthen security in schools, two aspects that gun advocates insist on every time there is a media shooting in the US.

The Supreme Court endorses the right to show weapons in public

Just a few hours earlier this Thursday, the United States Supreme Court had issued a decision expanding the right to bear arms by endorsing that they can be worn in public. In the first gun case it had examined in 13 years, the conservative-majority high court ruled against a century-old New York state law that requires concealed weapons to be carried on the street. The nuance is that, until now, the Constitution safeguarded the right of a person to own firearms, although in the private sphere and only for self-defense.

The case is related to a New York State law that It requires having a permit that guarantees carrying weapons in a concealed manner outside the home. However, the legislation maintains that those who request this request must show some type of special justification, beyond the desire for protection.

The plaintiffs contend that this requirement in the legislation made it very difficult for applicants to obtain permission, making the Second Amendment a limited privilege rather than a constitutional right. The court has agreed with them, but has left the door open for states to place other types of limitations on carrying weapons, such as fingerprinting, background checks, or mental health medical records.

Conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh has argued that the New York law was “problematic because it grants unlimited discretion to licensing officials and licenses only those who can demonstrate some special need other than self-defense… thus denying citizens the right to carry a weapon to protect themselves“.

In contrast, Democratic judge Stephen Breyer has shown his refusal by listing some of the latest episodes in which armed violence has been involved, such as the massacres at the Uvalde elementary school in Texas and in a supermarket in Buffalo, New York. “The dangers posed by firearms can take many forms… Mass shootings are only part of the problem. Easy access to firearms can also make many other aspects of American life more dangerous.”

For his part, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, has said he feels “deeply disappointed” by the Supreme Court ruling and has highlighted that since 1911 the state of New York has required that people who want to carry concealed weapons in public show that they had a reasonable motive. “More than a century later, the United States Supreme Court has chosen to strike down New York’s longstanding law that protects its citizens. This ruling contradicts both common sense and the Constitution, and should deeply concern us all,” Biden has stressed.

Source: Lasexta

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