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Gender-based violence is difficult to combat in the Caribbean due to lack of data

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The lack of statistics based on reliable data is one of the main obstacles in the fight against gender-based violence in Caribbean territories where, in some cases, There is also no legislation on this matter that effectively protects victims.


This was revealed during the II Summit on Gender-Based Violence held this Wednesday and Thursday in Santo Domingo to promote collaboration between project partners united caribbean in search of solutions to gender violence, which has brought together representatives of organizations from 12 countries in the region.

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Etsu Bradshaw-Caines, head of the Garden of Rebirth organization in St. Kitts and Nevis, told Efe that “the lack of data is a problem in most countries,” Without information, it is not possible to define the dimension of gender violence and, consequently, take measures in this regard to prevent and stop it.


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Another of the main deficiencies that he pointed out is “the lack of adequate services, such as shelters for victims” who, especially in small communities, are helpless and do not dare to denounce their situation, which helps to avoid the problem.

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In communities like St. Kitts and Nevis, with 54,000 inhabitants, “women are afraid to speak out, to offend those who represent authority,” a fear that is also encouraged by the religious sphere, she said.

In his opinion, the lack of policies to eradicate gender violenceto care for and protect the victims derives from the fact that the top leaders of these territories “are still men” and, “although women are beginning to reach leadership positions, attempts are still being made to shape the discourse of these women,” he pointed out. .

Etsu Bradshaw-Caines stated that she was satisfied with the results of this meeting, organized by the Center for Orientation and Integral Research (COIN), and highlighted the importance of developing relationships with other colleagues who also work in this field to advance their projects.

The initiative is financed by the Office of Western Hemisphere Affairs of the United States Department of State, which, since 2020, has provided $370,000 in two rounds of grants to contribute to the projects of the 12 participants in the meeting.

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The beneficiary organizations are from Jamaica, St. Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, Trinidad and Tobago, Bahamas, Haiti, Barbados, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Saint Lucia and have among their objectives the improvement of available data on gender violence in each territory.

Likewise, they seek to reduce the sociocultural attitudes that lead to this type of violence through activities aimed at young people and vulnerable communities, as well as strengthening services and networks for victims by working with local government entities linked to this field. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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