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Seriously injured Russian secret agent carrying the briefcase with Vladimir Putin’s nuclear controls

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Former Colonel Vadim Zimin was found shot multiple times in his home on Monday, June 20, according to the international press. The 53-year-old man was in charge of transporting the briefcase with Vladimir Putin’s nuclear controls.


Zimin is alive but seriously injured, according to The Mirror and The Sun. The retired Russian Federal Security Service colonel is in intensive care and was found in the kitchen of his apartment in Krasnogorsk.

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The Russian secret agent was found next to a gun

His own brother was the one who found him dying in a large pool of blood and next to a gun. It all happened while his wife, who is a doctor, treats Russians wounded during the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Zimin was under house arrest as he is being investigated for alleged bribes he may have received after joining a top official in the Russian customs service, Moskovskyn Komsomolets reported.

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Little is known about the former colonel, as well as photographic records of him, even when he worked with Putin, he was not widely photographed.

Zimin was a security aide under Boris Yeltsin, the current president’s predecessor, and when the Kremlin leader came to power, he was promoted to colonel and later tasked with carrying the briefcase.

The briefcase that could unleash a nuclear war

The black suitcase works under a personalized key code and contains a device with buttons, according to the British newspaper The Sun. This white button, when activated, launches all the strategic missiles of the Kremlin, therefore, Russian secret agents monitor it 24 hours a day.

Moreover, this briefcase always accompanies President Vladimir Putin. Although there is not one, not one single person in charge, there are actually three briefcases and three subjects carrying them at all times. Vadim Zimin is one of them and therefore there is some concern in Russia about the attack.

Of the almost 6,000 nuclear warheads that the country has in its arsenal, 1,500 are in the process of being deactivated, while 4,477 are available and of these, 1,588 are considered strategic and manipulable by the briefcase, according to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. (YO)

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