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Schools, factories, churches: Russian artillery is a crusher in Kharkiv

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Refineries, factories, the subway, schools, houses, even churches. The Russian Army is a crusher in the city of Kharkov and in its entire region. Artillery fire and missiles act like a millstone, a slow but inexorable process that reduces everything to ashes.

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The northern part of the capital and the towns located in that area are the most affected by the attacks due to their proximity to the Russian positions. Also the localities located in the radius of the Russian fire in the rest of the region are hammered every day.

The Russian occupiers do not stop bombing the civilian population, so once again I urge everyone to be as careful as possible, not to be on the streets without urgent need and to hide in shelters in case the sirens sound.”, asked the governor of Kharkov, Oleh Synehubov.


ten dead

In a message on his Telegram channel on Wednesday night, Synehubov explains that only yesterday the bodies of ten people died or were recovered. In Pryshib, a small town in the Izium area, five women were killed by shelling.

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Since Tuesday, at least thirty civilians have lost their lives in the Kharkov region in different attacks, in which numerous infrastructures have been destroyed, such as an institute, wagons stored in a subway company warehouse, houses and centers industrial.

A refinery is also burning due to a bombing last weekend. Kharkov is one of the three regions most destroyed by the war along with Donetsk and kyiv. The attacks happen every day.

A rocket blew through the ceiling when I was in my office.”, explains Petro Zaikin, a 70-year-old manager of a heating boiler company in the industrial estate of the city of Kharkov who, miraculously, escaped unharmed on Wednesday from the impact.

The explosion destroyed several cars and part of the building where the company’s offices are located, which was soon attended by firefighters. There were two injured, a worker and a neighbor with cuts due to the broken windows caused by the blast wave.

Zaikin explains the situation as he asks to move away because his car – wrecked – also uses gas and could have a leak and be dangerous. The man appears to be still in a daze from the explosion.

The projectile used in the attack, which left a hole in the asphalt, is unknown, but due to its range it could be a Grad, from a multiple launch system. That name, “grad“, it means “hail” in Russian.

The Russian Army has been hitting the industrial area of ​​​​Kharkov, a city located just 40 kilometers from Russia, with this hail for some time.

Why have they attacked here? “It’s just bad luck, they’re always bombing”, says Zaikin while trying to control the trembling of his hands.

more frequent attacks

The situation in the city, from which around two-thirds of its 1.4 million inhabitants have fled, is increasingly unstable as Russian attacks become more frequent after weeks of quiet.

Kharkov – the second most populous city in Ukraine before the war – experienced a short spring of tranquility. In May, a Ukrainian offensive pushed Russian forces beyond artillery range, allowing residents to emerge from shelters and the city to partially reopen.

But now that fragile normalcy is in jeopardy as Russian troops are adding strength, as many as five battalions according to Ukrainian forces, and may attempt an offensive.

Other analysts believe that Russia simply wants to send the message this week that it will not allow life to return to normal in this Russian-speaking city that was a major industrial center in the Soviet Union.

The center of Kharkov offers a gloomy image: deserted streets, buildings destroyed by the bombing of the past months. But there are also some people who go for a walk, couples hand in hand, a young person on an electric scooter.

Oksana, 32, has stopped at a mulberry tree in a downtown park and tasted some of the fruit. “This year no one eats them,” she says with a smile.

All the Russians want is for us to be afraid. They attack because they can, because they have the power to do so. That is all”, he says before leaving.

The summer light has not yet gone out when the inhabitants lock themselves in their houses for the curfew of 9:00 p.m. The city darkens to protect itself from the attacks of the Russian Army and the explosions begin to be felt in the distance.

Source: Gestion

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