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The US Supreme Court rules in favor of being able to publicly carry and display weapons

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Until now, the Constitution safeguarded a person’s right to own firearms, albeit in the private sphere and only for self-defense.


Euskaraz irakurri: AEBko Gorenak armak publikoki eramatearen aldeko epaitza eman du

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The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled this Thursday by six votes in favor and three against declaring the power constitutional carrying weapons in public and outside the homeas part of the Second Amendment.


The nuance lies in the fact that until now the Constitution safeguarded the right of a person to possess firearms, although in the private sphere and only for self-defense.

The case is related to a New York state law that requires a permit to carry weapons concealed outside the home. However, the legislation maintains that those who request this request must show some type of special justification, beyond the desire for protection.

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The plaintiffs contend that this requirement in the legislation made it very difficult for applicants to obtain permission, making the Second Amendment a limited privilege rather than a constitutional right.

The court has agreed with them, but has left the door open for the states to put other types of limitations to carry weapons, such as fingerprinting, background checks, or mental health checks.

Conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh has argued that the New York law was “problematic because it grants unlimited discretion to licensing officials and licenses only those who can demonstrate some special need other than self-defense … thereby denying the citizens the right to bear a weapon for protection“.

In contrast, Democratic judge Stephen Breyer has shown his refusal by listing some of the latest episodes in which the gun violencelike the massacres in the Uvalde Elementary School, Texasand in a supermarket in Buffalo, New York.

In addition to affecting the legislation of New Yorkthe ruling may also have repercussions on similar legislation in other states such as California, Delaware Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts and New Jerseywhich give more power to officials to deny this type of special request.

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