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European leaders grant Ukraine and Moldova EU candidate country status

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Ukraine and Moldova they are already countries candidates to join the European Union. Community leaders have decided to grant said status to both nations this Thursday, on the first day of a two-day summit that occurs while the russian invasion is about to turn four months old and after the European Commission carried out a recommendation in that regard last week.


The Twenty-seven thus take a first step in the process of accession of both countries to the EU, which it can be reversible if they do not comply with the required reforms by the Commission in matters of judicial independence, the fight against corruption and organized crime or when applying the law that limits the power of the oligarchs.

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This is an “extremely important decision for the future” of the Union, as stressed by the President of the European Council, Charles Michaelfor whom this summit marks a “historic moment in the geopolitical plane”.


The Ukrainian president himself, Volodymyr Zelenskyhours before learning of the European decision, expressed his confidence that his country would obtain candidate status and glimpsed a Ukraine “with a new future as part of the European family” for the next generations. “This is our choice, our vision for the future for the sake of our children. We want to build a country that is part of the EU,” he said.

The decision also comes on the eve of the NATO summit next week in Madrid and after this Wednesday the president of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyenask European leaders live up to “historical responsibility” between Brussels and kyiv in the midst of the Russian invasion.

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Von der Leyen defended before the European Parliament that the positive recommendation from the Commission was based on “evidence on the ground that tells us that Ukraine deserves a European perspective and candidate status“. “Now it is up to the European Council to decide and live up to the historical responsibility that we face. The history of our Union is that of young democracies that grow stronger together”, she stressed, citing the example of the democratic transitions of” Greece, Spain and Portugal “.

Precisely, the Spanish president, Pedro Sanchezreiterated before the European Council on Thursday his “condemnation of Putin’s brutal aggression in Ukraine” and advanced his support for kyiv’s candidacy: “We positively value the recommendation made by the European Commission to give that candidate status to Ukraine and also Ukraine and Georgia,” he indicated. “We are going to support those candidacies”advanced.

Frustration of the Balkan countries

For her part, the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metzolaassured that the decision to grant Ukraine and Moldova the status of a candidate for accession places the community bloc “on the right side of history”. “This is the right decision, it will strengthen Ukraine and Europe,” he said.

However, he also claimed to understand “the frustration” of countries like Albania and North Macedonia, which have been waiting for years for the green light to begin their accession negotiations and are now seeing Ukraine and Moldova reach this stage in record time. “We cannot allow ourselves today that at this historical moment of giving the candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova, that we also have the shadow of paralysis with countries that have been waiting for a long time,” Metsola warned in this regard.

In this sense, the leaders of Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia had branded this Thursday the summit with the EU as “historical in the negative” after ending without concrete progress on their accession to the European bloc, due to Bulgaria’s veto to the opening negotiations with Skopje and Tirana.

Source: Lasexta

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