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Musk plans to counter ChatGPT with another less restrictive version

Musk plans to counter ChatGPT with another less restrictive version

the billionaire Elon Musksole owner of Twitterwants to enter the career of Artificial intelligence (AI) and is hiring computer engineers to develop a “chatbot” (chat driven by a robot) that will compete with the successful ChatGPT.

The web portal The Information, which cites three sources, assures that Musk intends that his chatbot be less “woke”, that is, with fewer content restrictions on controversial issues due to political, racial or sexual sensitivities.

To this end, it has hired Igor Babuschkin, an engineer who has just left the AI ​​unit at alphabet called Deep Mind and which is specialized in the development of learning guidelines for machines capable of making chat more sophisticated and credible.

Musk has not confirmed those plans, but on his Twitter account today he published a meme in which he refers to the matter.

The “woke” tendency of political correctness has obsessed Elon Musk, who frequently accuses the traditional media – newspapers and television networks – of having succumbed to speech restrictions and practicing censorship on the “free speech”

Musk was one of the co-founders of OpenAI, the company that developed ChatGPT, but left the firm in 2018 to avoid potential conflicts of interest since Tesla, the electric vehicle company he runs, was also working on artificial intelligence.

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