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Stoltenberg assures that Ukraine will be a member of NATO “for the long term”

Stoltenberg assures that Ukraine will be a member of NATO “for the long term”

The general secretary of the NATO, Jens Stoltenbergassured this Tuesday in Helsinki that the allied countries have agreed that Ukraine will be a member of the Alliance “in the long term”, although he insisted that the urgent thing now is to help kyiv to maintain their independence.

“NATO allies have agreed that Ukraine should become a member of our Alliance, but it is a long-term perspective. What it is about now is to ensure that Ukraine prevails as a sovereign and independent nation and therefore we have to support Ukraine.” he said at a press conference.

Stoltenberg stressed that both NATO and Western countries are lending kyiv “unprecedented military support” so that I can face the “war of aggression” launched a year ago by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“President Putin’s war against Ukraine continues and there are no indications that he is changing his plans. He wants to control Ukraine and he is not planning peace, he is planning more war and that is why it is extremely important that we support Ukraine ”, he claimed.

Stoltenberg insisted that NATO and Western countries “They are not part of the conflict” but they have the right to help Ukraine defend itself against Russian military aggression.

He also stated that NATO has the task of preventing the escalation of the conflict so that it does not turn into a full-blown war between Russia and the Alliance.

In this sense, the Allies have increased their military presence in Eastern Europe and the Baltic region. “to send a clear message” Russia that an attack on a NATO member will provoke a response from the entire Alliance.

Source: EFE

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