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New Zealand bombing: Police shoot down ISIS terrorist after stabbing six in Auckland

A terrorist booked for his proximity to Islamic State entered this Friday in a supermarket of Auckland, New Zealand, and stabbed six people before being killed by the police. The Prime Minister of the country, Jacinda Arden, has appeared to report on this event.

Ardern has explained that the attacker, a citizen natural de Sri Lanka, arrived in New Zealand in 2011 and was included on a terrorist list since 2016. Arden has acknowledged during his appearance before the media that “it was a known threat to the country ». This Friday the man entered a supermarket in the city and stabbed six people, three of whom are in serious condition. After the terrible attack in 2019, in which at least 50 people died, the country banned various types of weapons in order to prevent something similar from happening again.

The police had the individual under surveillance and opened fire and killed him almost immediately. According to the police commissioner Andrew Costner, the individual got a knife in one of the supermarket stores and used it to attack customers. Costner has also assured that the man was being watched by police officers, who were in the area when the attack began.

«What happened today was an act of hatred, unworthy and despicable » Ardern said. Regarding the motivations of the aggressor, he said that they were due to “a violent ideology inspired by the Islamic State group.”

The police for their part indicated that they hope the man acted solo and that therefore there is no longer any risk for the community. According to the German news agency DPA, five people were stabbed in another supermarket of the same chain in May. The general director of security of the supermarket chain, Kiri Hannifin, has lamented in a statement that “again, we feel dejected knowing what our team and customers have had to live.”

The worst terrorist attack in New Zealand occurred at a Christchurch mosque in March 2019, when a white supremacist opened fire, killing 51 Muslims and wounding 40 others.

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