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The story of Tateh, the ‘madman of the desert’ who built 25 houses with plastic bottles for refugees

Tateh He was born in the Saharawi refugee camps, he left the Algerian city of Tindouf at the age of 11, in 2015 he returned to his country with the desire to turn the desert into a habitable place.

In 2017, with an initiative funded by UNHCR, he built up to 25 houses with plastic bottles and sand for refugees, the first of them for his own grandmother.

The walls of the eco-houses that we see in the video are made of plastic bottles filled with sand: each of them requires 5,000 plastic bottles and its construction takes about a week.

Tateh is popularly known as the ‘crazy of the desert’. His solidarity profile leads him to intervene in congresses and events like this one presented as an example of commitment and effort for the great humanitarian work that he develops.

A meticulous work that makes the desert a livable place for those refugees who thanks to Tateh can find the closest thing to a home.

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