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Austria ‘confines’ unvaccinated population after unprecedented increase in coronavirus infections

The Austrian Government has announced this Sunday the entry into confinement of the unvaccinated population the country after registering an unprecedented increase in infections in recent days since the start of the pandemic.

People not vaccinated and not cured of COVID-19 only will be able to leave their homes for certain activities, such as going to work, study or shopping at essential stores.

This measure, announced by the country’s chancellor, Alexander SchallenbergAfter a meeting with state governors, it will affect approximately 35% of the country’s population, some two million people.

The measure will come into effect as of this next midnight, according to the Austrian public radio television ORF, and It will run in principle until November 24, according to a draft of the initiative leaked late on Saturday and picked up by the DPA news agency.

“The situation is serious. The fourth wave (of the pandemic) affects us fully. This is due to the delta variant (of the virus) but it is also due to the low vaccination rate, “Federal Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg told the press.

Vaccination percentage is embarrassingly low and without raising it we will not be able to get out of this vicious circle (of the pandemic), “he added.

The country’s health authorities notified this past Saturday about 13,000 new infections and 48 deaths, which brings the total affected to 948,000 and the deceased, to approximately 11,600.

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