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Weekend of support from the Miami exile to the opposition march of 15N

Exile Cuban on Florida It has planned a series of events this weekend that will conclude on Sunday with a motorcade that will travel through Miami to show its support for the dissidence on the island and the illegal opposition march of 15N.

The Assembly of the Cuban Resistance (ARC), which brings together more than 35 associations that fight for democracy on the island, encouraged Hispanics in Miami, especially Nicaraguans and Venezuelans, to join this caravan, which will conclude with a concentration next to the emblematic Tower of Freedom.

The caravan will depart from the Cuban Memorial in Tamiami Park and will conclude in front of Vizcaya Bay, where it is expected that there will be a good number of vessels from the Democracy Flotilla showing their solidarity with the civic marches that will take place in Cuba next week.

This caravan is part of the activities that Cuban exiles have planned to support the National Strike for Freedom, launched by activists on the island.

The Civic March of November 15 continues the protests that broke out in numerous cities in Cuba last July to demand democratic change, which were harshly repressed by the Government chaired by Miguel Díaz-Canel.

And as part of these initiatives by the exile organizations this Friday a 24-hour chain of prayer began at the headquarters of Brigade 2506.

Protests are also planned in other South Florida cities such as West Palm Beach, Hollywood or Naples.

Meanwhile, in the center of the state, Cubans will show their solidarity with the cause this Sunday and Monday in a rally next to a well-known Latino supermarket in Orlando where they already met to support the protests last July in Cuba.

In addition to Florida, protests are planned in various parts of the United States, from the capital to Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas or Phoenix, among other large cities in the country, according to a list of marches in support of the Cuban 15N that circulates through Internet.


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