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Peru accuses López Obrador of deviating from the principles of the Pacific Alliance

Peru accuses López Obrador of deviating from the principles of the Pacific Alliance

The Peruvian Government affirmed this Saturday that the Pacific Alliance “it should not be politicized” and accused the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorof deviating from the principles of the bloc, by refusing to hand over its presidency pro tempore (PPT) to Peru, as it should, considering that the Government of Dina Boluarte is “spurious”.

The Peruvian Foreign Ministry remarked, in a statement, that López Obrador “refuses to comply with the obligation that binds his State to transfer the PPT to Peru, because he has decided to support the coup d’état of then President Pedro Castillo, broadcast live in his message to the nation on December 7, 2022” .

He added that “subsequently questions the constitutional process that led to the inauguration of the president of the republic, Mrs. Dina Boluarte.”

“With this, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador departs from the principles contained in the Framework Agreement referring to democracy and the rule of law and has politicized the Pacific Alliance, with the sole purpose of weakening it”he emphasized.

The Foreign Ministry remarked that the transfer of the pro tempore presidency to Peru “It is not a concession, it is an obligation contained in a treaty that binds the four countries that make up the Alliance.”

He assured, in this sense, that “despite the fact that the Mexican government has continued to exercise the de facto PPT, the work of the mechanism is paralyzed, as a result of the politicization that it is undergoing for the first time in its history.”

“This situation has impeded progress in the negotiations for the entry of new members of the region to the Pacific Alliance.“, held.

The official statement recalled that the Pacific Alliance is a process of regional integration “of which Peru is a founding country” and considered it “essential for the economic and social development of Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru, and to improve the quality of life of their citizens.”

reported that he has “formally requested the convening of the High Level Group of the Pacific Alliance to jointly address the transfer of the Alliance’s PPT, without it having been convened by Mexico, among other obstacles that it has raised during the talks that have been held maintained with said country”.


Peru also reiterated “his rejection of the acts of interference by the president of Mexico in his internal political process, and his full commitment to democracy and human rights” and reaffirmed that the transfer of the presidency of the Pacific Alliance “It must be given in compliance with the obligations of International Law contained in the Framework Agreement.”

He also expressed his appreciation to the Business Council of the Pacific Alliance (CEAP) which, according to what he said, “With a sense of responsibility and respect for the institutional framework” he has already transferred his presidency to Peru “ensuring the continuity of his work for the benefit of the peoples of the Pacific Alliance.”

The Mexican president declared this Friday that he was going to ask that the Rio Group be consulted about his decision not to transfer the presidency of the Alliance to Peru because he does not want to “hand over (the presidency) to a government that I consider spurious.”

“Let the members of the group decide”he limited before adding that he does not want to “legitimizewhat in your opinion was “a coup” against Castillo, who was dismissed by the Peruvian Congress after announcing that he intended to close the Legislature, govern by decree and intervene in the Judiciary.

President Boluarte addressed the issue last Wednesday, when she reported that López Obrador did not want to hand over the presidency of the Pacific Alliance to her because “continue to support the former president” Castle.

Since Castillo’s removal, López Obrador has sided with the former president, granting asylum to his wife and children and denouncing that he was the victim of a coup supposedly orchestrated by the oligarchy.

Source: EFE

Source: Gestion

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